Now we believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast :) - Cromatica Photography

Now we believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast :)

We are skeptical about astrology and any other form of divination, but we hear this year is very good for us (Robert and I are the same age). And it’s always nice to hear that – it’s a starting point for many jokes, so we stay in a good mood and being so positive we could even make the prediction come true :). The truth is this year has been great so far and we really feel lucky.

As you may already know, Chrisman Studios is one of the best teams of photographers in the world. When we started our wedding photography business, they were so good, so successful and so far away. They didn’t even seem to be real. Meeting them in Romania and learning from them was as likely to happen as being invited to Brad Pitt’s birthday party or playing curling with President Obama. But improbable things happen all the time – so maybe Brad, who shares the same birthday with me, will eventually invite me to his party :).

Not only that we met Erin Chrisman, Ben Chrisman and Mauricio Arias this year, but they photographed us! Our dear friends Andra and Marius Dragan invited us to be “models” at Mauricio’s workshop in Bucharest. It was March 11, a day when we were celebrating 11 years of marriage. And it was such an amazing and useful experience to be the models, not the photographers! It’s not easy at all for shy and not-so-model-looking people like us to do it, but Mauricio helped us feel really well. And about two weeks later, Erin and Ben generously offered us the chance to be their models! We were very happy and honored to see them working together, learn from them and be in their photos.

Erin, Ben and Mauricio, thank you so much for everything! We’ll always treasure the time we spent with you and these wonderful photos.

chrisman studios 01
chrisman studios 02
chrisman studios 03
chrisman studios 04
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